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I was injured on Dec 17th 1980 on the job 12500 volts and David Kempston took on the job for me along with the Mottaz team’ I feel they put 100% into the case with out cutting any corners And I believe they are one of the best Attorney groups out there It was an experience and a great ending All though the pain will never go away they got the best settlement they could for me and so I thank the team at the office of the Mottaz Attorney’s THEY ARE THE BEST Thank You David Kempston for a job well done.

Ray K.

Since injuring my back in 1978 I had multiple issues and problems with the employer and insurer. This led to many disputes over the years. Having been told to live with pain for the rest of my life, I reached a point when I could no longer continue working. At that time I hired David Kempston and he took on my case and worked out for me a settlement that I was very comfortable with. He was always attentive to my calls and responded quickly when I would whine about things which he would assure me it would all come together. He was right and I am so grateful for his hard work. He goes the extra mile for me as a client, and is the type of person you could leave your wallet and checkbook with and no it is safe. Again, I am extremely grateful for David Kempston’s work and highly recommend him to someone who has a work injury and needs the finest representation. If you want to hire somebody with excellent work ethics hire David Kempston.

Robert H.

I have had an ongoing work comp claim since I was injured performing my job as a Paramedic in 1982, I had had a couple of other Attorneys in the early years of my case, one whom I felt was not very productive in keeping me updated as things were going forward with my employers never say die attitude. The 2nd attorney I hired did a good job in getting me a nice amount to build a wheelchair accessible home, and when the next issue arose he advised me he was changing sides to represent employers and recommended David Kempston. David did an excellent job in relating new injuries and other complications to the original injuries suffered in 1982.

I would highly recommend David to anyone needing legal help with their work comp cases.

My wife also used David when she sustained a work related injury.
I have had to consult David several times to check on certain aspects of my case.


Jerry was very responsive to all my questions, concerns and showed compassion in this very difficult time of my life. He took time by email, phone and in person to help me understand the process, the time frame, and all the possibilities. Persevering in the duration of all the doctor visits, working with my employer, and my work related injury was not easy. Jerry handled all of it from our initial meeting to the final resolution with confidence, encouragement, and high integrity. I would strongly recommend Jerry to my family, my friends, and all of my acquaintances. I would without a doubt trust Jerry in the future, if a situation would occur that needed legal representation. I appreciate all he did in helping me get my life back on track and making a positive difference in my life.

Michael Z.

Mr. Sisk took our case a few years ago not long after my wife was in a serious accident. Her employer’s insurance took insolvency and the employer was resolved to be no help at all. Despite the extremely out of the ordinary nature of our case, and regardless of impediments and hurdles, he has relentlessly fought for what was right on our behalf and been very successful doing so. Still today he continues to stand for us and what rightfully should be done. I simply can’t thank him enough. In troubled times this is the guy you want in your corner.

Linda and Joe A.

Jerry Sisk was there when I needed him. He was recommended to me by a collegue. At the time I hired him, I was confused, felt like I was being taken advantage of and did not know who to ask for help. At my first meeting with Jerry, I instantly knew I was in very capable hands. He took over my case, got me through some very hard times. I felt like I was his only client. He always answered my questions and returned my phone calls in a very timely manner. He took over and handled everything.

Irene K.

After suffering my injury on April 20th 2007 which I sustained a shattered T-9 vertebra that severed my spinal cord and left me with permanent paralysis, I knew I had to seek a workers comp attorney that would represent me and my family’s best interests. Not knowing who to turn to, my wife asked around to find out who would be suitable for the job. The name that kept being brought to her attention was Thomas Mottaz .

Thomas met with my wife and I at the hospital where I was doing my acute cares. He was clear about what we were facing and what he had to do to start working on my case. My wife and I felt very comfortable with Tom in light of our difficult journey. There was no doubt in my mind that we needed legal representation because of the seriousness of my injuries.

After being released from the hospital, I had to be admitted to a rehabilitation center to learn how to live life with paralysis and facing life in a wheelchair. During my stay there, my wife worked with Tom to start getting me the medical equipment that was needed for my accessibility to our home and driving needs. I never had to deal with the insurance company personally, Tom and his firm took care of everything and by the time I returned home (a total of 6 months from day of injury), I had my accessible ramp van so I could drive, and my home was wheelchair accessible so I could be more independent.

My wife and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work and dedication that Tom and his law office has put into my case. As long as Tom remains in practice, he will always be my choice of legal representation when it comes to my needs. He has been there for my wife and myself since day 1, and has done a remarkable job. No one should have to go through what I went through alone. That’s why I have recommended Tom to others who are looking for a workers compensation attorney. My wife and I can’t thank him and his staff enough for all that they have done to help make life easier.

Terry H.

When I first realized that due to my work compensation situation that I was in need of an attorney I went hunting for some recommendations for a good attorney. I had no idea who or where to go. I asked friends, coworkers, and other professionals. Funny thing was the same name kept coming up, “ Tom Mottaz” call his office. That office came up so many times that I decided without a doubt that I must give them a call.

And I must say that was the the best decision I made. My case was a very difficult case and the staff was wonderful. I had so many questions and everyone took the time to answer them for me, go over step by step what to expect.. If I placed a call I received a return call shortly after. I was never left hanging without answers. We did go to trial and the support and knowledge from this team was unbelievable. They made this horrible ordeal for me go with as much ease as possible, and in helping me make the right decisions. The judgment did come in our favor and I believe it was because of their expertise. I feel so thankful for all they did. Thank You Again!

I would highly recommend Tom Mottaz and his team to anyone.

J. B.

I have know David Kempston since 2003. His knowledge, expertise in the work comp field, helped me to achieve a most favorable outcome against unbelievable odds. I believe that when we first meet, David knew he had a job on his hands. I was at my wits end. Didn’t know who else to share my concerns and fears with and David took my case. Just knowing that I had someone in my corner for a change relieved me substantially. It was an on-going battle against two companies, of whom neither wanted to take responsibility for my injury. Under Davids expertise in court, dealing with two different insurers, he made me feel I was his only case. His caring, concern for my mental health during court dates was unbelievable. My case has lasted a long time and to this day David still helps me out with certain issues that are still on-going. If it were not for his kindness, knowledge of his job, keeping me informed of my legal rights, and just down right being there for me I probably would not be in the safe, secure state that I am now. If you are looking for a good work comp attorney, there are many. If you are looking for a GREAT attorney; someone to stand behind you all the way, that would be David Brian Kempston. He is a PEOPLE Person attorney. He will be there for you through thick and thin. Words cannot express my appreciation for David. I am so glad I have had the privilege to know and be friends with David.


David Kempston is a very caring and detailed attorney. He listens and responds quickly with your legal case. We have used his services for two different complicated work comp cases and he got all the correct info and we won both with his assistance. He is very supportive at all times including going to Work Comp court. We are very grateful for his help and his competent office assistants. We recommend him to anyone who is in need of an excellent attorney.


I’ll begin by saying that when I was referred to the law firm of Thomas Mottaz I was a little hesitant. Only because the law office was 2 1/2 hrs away from where I resided. Knowing that the distance was going to be an inconvenience, considering the fact that I had just had an accident at work, I went ahead and hired David to represent me in my case. Not knowing what to expect I was amazed at the time and effort that the law firm had put into my case. David always returned my calls in a timely manner and answered all my questions. Anytime that I had a court appointment or hearing David gave me plenty of notice, reminder calls, and sent directions, making the experience more tolerable. David was efficient, organized and above all else professional. At every hearing David and I would meet a little early and go over what to expect that day. I was confident that David had my best interest at heart. He took into consideration my health issues and accommodated me every chance he could. For that I am so grateful. Not only is David good at what he does as an attorney, he has compassion and empathy for his clients which goes a long way with people who are struggling through difficult times. Needless to say we won our case both times we appeared in court. I can’t say enough kind things about David and his staff. Or repay them for their kindness, understanding and patients they have shown me. But I can and will recommend anyone needing legal help, advise or services to the Thomas Mottaz Law Firm.

Terry P.

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