We are experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in the areas of wrongful death benefits/dependency benefits.

It is always a tragic situation when someone dies from a work-related injury. However, you should be rest assured that dependency benefits are available to you and your family. Wrongful death benefits or dependency benefits are available to the family.

Dependency benefits are based upon weekly wage and daily wage which is determined by the hours normally worked in that employment.

Benefits are paid to the spouse, children, or dependents. Allocation amongst the various individuals depend on the type and number of dependents the decedent had at his/her death.

The minimum amount of dependency benefits that must be paid is $60,000. When there are no persons entitled to monetary benefits, the estate of the injured worker is to be paid $60,000.

In addition to dependency benefits, there are also burial and funeral expenses which can also be recovered.

In situations of a wrongful death or dependency claim, it is a good idea to sit down with one of our lawyers to discuss your options. We have vast experience in successful handling dependency claims. We offer free consultations for dependents and family members to discuss their legal options. If you wish to discuss a potential case, please feel free to contact our office or calling 763-220-8988.